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Transparency and openness are two main reasons why DeFi exists and has thrived over TradFi to date but it is something that is still often lacking in many projects. At Atlantis Finance we want the community to feel safe using the platform. To do this we have removed the need to even have to trust us as everything can be verified by yourself. As the popular saying in Bitcoin/crypto goes "Don't trust, verify".
To date we have completed a full review of the current contracts without issue and have also renounced ownership of the aFISH token contract making it impossible for anyone/anything except for the Treasury contract to mint more aFISH.


Contract Renouncing

By default the aFISH token contract has a mint function that allows the owner of the contract to mint tokens on demand, this has been the rug method of several forks to date. To prevent a malicious team from minting a large number of tokens and selling them the ownership of this contract can be renounced thereby removing the ability for anything except for the Treasury contract to mint tokens which can only follow its programmed schedule of minting.
We have renounced ownership of the aFISH token contract which thereby removes any ability for the team or anyone who may have access to the deployer address from minting any aFISH tokens. It is also common to ask whether the share token contract has been renounced as well. We have not done this, however, there is no mint function within the WHALE share contract, meaning it is not possible to mint any more shares ever so there is no vulnerability in not renouncing ownership of this contract.