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ArbiSwap is one of the first DEX with an AMM on the Arbitrum. ArbiSwap offers swapping of crypto for lowest fees and not only that 100% fee is given back to holders of $ARBI making it the first total total decentralized exchange, where you can be the Traders, Liquidity Provider or part of the dex itself with $Arbi, it has something for everyone. From lowest fee to staking rewards to 100% protocol fees

Lowest fees

Why pay more? ArbiSwap - runs on Arbitrum, a blockchain with much lower transaction costs than Ethereum or Bitcoin or mainly any L1. Trading fees are lower than other top decentralized exchanges too, so that's a double win for you!

Why Arbitrum?

Arbitrum is a layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum that allows faster and cheaper transactions by using off-chain computations. It works by allowing parties to transact off-chain and only settling on-chain when necessary, which reduces the number of transactions that need to be processed by the Ethereum blockchain. This makes it possible to build applications that can handle a larger volume of transactions without the cost and speed limitations of the Ethereum mainnet. Arbitrum is currently the most popular Layer-2 Blockchain, with over $1.6B of TVL.

The team

We are a multicultural team based in America, Europe and Asia. The team is same as the team of Atlantis, which is the first seigniorage protocol on Arbitrum and most succesfull seigniorage protocol. Our dev team has worked on some multi-million TVL projects on different chains.
Like many Defi teams, we chose to stay anon while staying transparent and making ArbiSwap decentralized at its core to function on itself and doesn't get affected with anything.


Trade directly from your wallet app.Unlike centralized exchanges like Binance or Coinbase, ArbiSwap doesn’t hold your funds when you trade: you have 100% ownership of your own crypto.

💸 Earn

Earn $ARBI with Yield Farms

Provide liquidity on ArbiSwap and Stake LP tokens, earn $ARBI.

Earn Trading Fees

No farm? No problem. By Staking $ARBI you can earn 100% of Trading fees of the protocol.
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